Cellwize SON

Self-organizing network

Описание продукции

Product Overview

The whole point of a good network automation solution is to make the most out of your assets. To apply SON to just one technology- layer of your network makes no sense – it simply ignores the huge network potential that exists in harmonizing all technologies and all assets (so they keep on delivering a return over the investment). elastic-SON was designed with this approach in mind: the network should be viewed as a single entity and optimization should be across technologies. This is part of the reason why Cellwize is able to deliver such outstanding results – literally making the most out of your entire network.

Key Benefits

  1. Freedom to Choose Any Vendor

    elastic-SON by Cellwize allows you to be vendor agnostic (and choose the best vendor for you) while keeping your network simple and easy to manage.

    elastic-SON works seamlessly across vendors, so if your network already has several vendors, managing and optimizing the network will become much easier. If you have been loyal to one vendor so far, trying to keep a homogeneous system that is easier to run and optimize, you can be free to choose the best most financially attractive vendor and let elastic-SON manage and optimize the network across the different vendors.

  2. Single, Manageable, Controlled RF Policy

    SONStudio (the interface of elastic-SON) will become your command center allowing you to control, manage and dictate your RF policy across the network regardless of layer or vendor. SONStudio allows you to set boundaries to different network parameters and propagate your policy across the entire network at the push of a button. Think of it like this: elastic-SON constantly performs the optimization and tweaking tasks that are impossible to get to manually. As such it is like your own private little army, obeying your orders and realizing your policy continuously across the entire network (with no complaints and without ever getting tired of it.)

  3. 3GPP Fully Compliant

    Designed to support both today’s and tomorrow’s use cases, Cellwize elastic-SON is fully 3GPP compliant. In fact, since the technology was designed and developed by RF people and network experts, the solution drills deep into the most common day-to-day use scenarios (above and beyond those defined by 3GPP). Our capabilities enable operators to maximize network capacity, extend coverage and increase quality through a combination of highly effective optimization algorithms that operate in-synch to maximize results across the entire network.

  4. Rapid Setup, Immediate Results

    Full setup and integration within days!

    Cellwize elastic-SON solution includes features specifically designed to shorten the preparation and setup time needed prior to deployment.

    -Auto-discovery of network topology and equipment
    -Built-in support for ad-hoc, on-demand deployments
    -Adaptors for data collection and provisioning recommendations after configuration and integration with your ecosystem

    You can expect significant, measurable results – as soon as the system is activated.

  5. KPI Results

    Increase in Session Set-up : 40%

    Increase Data Throughput : 30%

    Increase Network Capacity : 25%

    Improved Coverage & Mobility : 10%

  6. Multidimensional Optimization Modules

    The exceptional results elastic-SON have been delivering stem from a holistic approach and an extremely rich multi-dimensional set of optimization, healing and configuration modules. It is a SON platform designed by RF experts that understand the network topology and behavior and how it connects to the user experience and value creation.

    Through tight integration with the OSS provisioning module, Cellwize enables immediate implementation of optimization results prior to performance degradation – thus many times preventing faults before they actually affect the user experience.