Planning tool and optimization of the network

Описание продукции

Product Overview

Ellipse is engineering software for the dimensioning, planning and optimization of microwave link and wired backhaul networks. It is an integrated component of the Infovista RAN planning suite designed for 4G expansion and optimal deployment of 5G, as well as other wireless systems.

Relying on trusted engineering methods, Ellipse incorporates all the latest ITU specifications required for accurate backhaul network design and optimization. More than just a microwave engineering tool, Ellipse is a carrier-grade platform that supports the entire backhaul lifecycle, from design to optimization and enables full automation of link engineering activities.

Key Benefits

  1. Proactively plan and upgrade large transmission networks in support of 5G

    Incorporate Planet 5G mobile network planning (e.g., site candidates, expected radio capacity) into the design of the supporting transmission network by using the enterprise-grade Ellipse software platform.

  2. Futureproof backhaul capacity for staged 5G rollouts

    Consider mmWave frequencies, line of sight (LOS) and non-line-of-sight connections in Ellipse. Analyse the impact of carrier aggregation, MIMO, dual band and adaptive modulation on your transmission planning.

  3. Manage combined wired and wireless backhaul networks

    Accurately forecast and dimension upgrades required based on least-cost routing and capacity assessments to determine fiber vs. microwave backhaul feasibility. Scale capacity requirements to determine if near-term plan can grow to meet the anticipated 5G capacity requirements.

  4. Robust backhaul network via simulation accuracy

    Simulation accuracy is paramount if the software’s analyses are to be realized in the real world. Ellipse delivers a full path-profile analysis that includes 3D Fresnel zone clearance, terrain/building visualization, automated antenna height optimization and optimal channel assignments. With accurate backhaul design, the right link dimensioning can be achieved that brings on capacity in stages when required and provides the highest backhaul link reliability.