Ipanema SD-WAN

Planning tool and optimization of the network

Описание продукции

Product Overview

Ipanema SD-WAN uses Application Intelligence+ to pave the way for unprecedented application performance on your network. Our solution is the only SD-WAN with application intelligence that can transform your unpredictable network into a great user experience.

By defining the quality of experience (QoE) you want for your business-critical apps, Ipanema controls each user session automatically and dynamically, regardless of network conditions. Unlike other SD-WAN solutions, Ipanema uses true end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS), independent of your underlying network, to deliver high performance for every user, at every location, every time.

When your application performance is aligned to your business objectives, users can maximize their productivity and enjoy greater satisfaction from digital transformation without contacting the help desk, all at reduced cost. That’s Ipanema SD-WAN with Application Intelligence+.

Key Benefits

  1. Ensure consistent & reliable application performance

    Ipanema delivers your ideal quality of experience by automatically and dynamically adjusting all application traffic flows based on real-time network conditions on all your network links. Your users experience the performance and QoE they expect, even during peak traffic congestion, for every critical application.

  2. Accelerate your cloud migration
    Deliver the promise of the cloud

    Ipanema delivers the visibility, performance management, and dynamic path selection you need to migrate your apps to the cloud. Using intuitive dashboards that show your user experience and pinpoint any network trouble areas, Ipanema can help propel your cloud migration forward.

  3. Reduce IT support and networking costs

    Rich dashboards and drill-downs let your help desk quickly resolve application performance problems at the session level, so your users don’t lose valuable productivity. Ipanema allows you to leverage multiple WAN links in real-time, maximizing user experience and reducing support calls while reducing overall network spend.

  4. Improve operational efficiency and employee productivity

    When your applications perform consistently, your users’ productivity improves and your overall business efficiency increases dramatically. Ipanema delivers a great user experience and QoE to ensure business operations perform consistently and reliably, regardless of network conditions. Now, applications just work, maximizing your employees’ productivity so they drive revenue, not costs.

  5. Build digital transformation that works

    Ipanema’s capacity to identify thousands of applications automatically allows you to focus on the process of digital transformation without worrying about reliable execution. Your users quickly realize the benefits of apps, like unified communications and collaboration, without lengthy deployment schedules.

  6. Deploy SD-WAN delivered your way, physical or virtual, your choice

    Deploy Ipanema with physical appliances, or by virtual network function (VNF). By using our VNF, you can build your own universal CPE (uCPE) or virtual CPE (vCPE). With the most compatible VNF in the market, take your choice of service provider to manage your Ipanema deployment that best suits your needs.