ROC Network Asset Management

Описание продукции

Product Overview

Network asset management powered by Subex:

A responsive network attracts and retains subscribers by adopting successive generations of network technology. However, upgrading to next-generation technology does not guarantee a return on investment. Subex offers a network asset management framework that correlates your current asset utilization with future capital expenditure to calculate return on assets.

Key Benefits

  1. NAM-1

    ROC™ Network Asset Management provides a framework to audit your network assets, evaluate inventory and make a business case for a network upgrade. Our solution offers a nuanced view of network assets and inventory to optimize opex as well as capex. It drives smarter network capital investment and network asset lifecycle management concurrently.

  2. Real-time intelligence for higher return on network assets

    Our industry-leading solution offers actionable business intelligence to make informed network capex decisions. It codifies network standards and best practices, streamlines processes, and devises controls and guidelines for network asset lifecycle management from procurement till decommissioning of assets.
    ROC™ Network Asset Management applies sophisticated network intelligence to:

    • Identify asset location, status and history
    • Measure KPIs of asset utilization and financial allocation
    • Optimize capex and opex
    • Monetize assets by rationalizing expenditure, driving reusability, and selling excess assets to maximize resale value

  3. NAM-3

    ROC™ Network Asset Management provides a centralized repository of network assets with metadata about finance, supply chain and network operations metrics. It captures and stores details about events and workflows for each asset.

  4. A discovery engine

    A discovery engine audits the network at specified intervals to identify addition / removal of assets and alerts business users about deviations based on defined protocols. A reconciliation engine identifies fallouts between records in the fixed asset registry and current network asset status, and provides suggestions for reconciliation supported by data analytics.