ROC Partner Management

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Product Overview

Partner management powered by Subex:

Your telecom enterprise needs to navigate the dynamic wholesale telecom landscape for accurate billing and revenue management. You need to introduce new products / services as well as manage complex revenue sharing agreements with variable pricing across the partner ecosystem. Subex offers a comprehensive partner management solution that provides visibility into your end-to-end wholesale business with accurate insights into revenue.

Key Benefits

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    Our solution offers a rounded view of your partner ecosystem by providing a nuanced profile of partner agreements based on data such as revenue sharing and margins. Our solution helps in swift partner onboarding, partner self-care, end-to-end revenue visibility and communication between you and your partners. It helps you manage diverse revenue streams while helping you launch high-value, high margin services in collaboration with partners.

  2. Grow revenue streams, introduce new business models

    ROC® Partner Management is a domain-agonostic platform that addresses the dynamics of your partner ecosystem across wholesale voice, short message service (SMS), data, content, Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), utility, roaming, digital services, and billing and settlement. Our solution offers you the flexibility as well as scalability to meet the specific needs of service providers, be it fixed or mobile, start-up or incumbent.

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    ROC® Partner Management incorporates guidelines of the TM Forum Frameworx 16.5 model for supplier / partner management. Our solution has modeling capabilities that accelerate the launch of new services and revenue streams via configurations, thereby helping you roll out new products and services. You are empowered to manage complex contracts, dynamic pricing and discounting, flexible matching and rating along with revenue sharing.

  4. Our solution incorporates a dashboard and reporting tool, supports key databases along with open source database compliance, and a robust rating engine for better visibility into revenue and cost, in near real time.