ROC Partner Settlement

Описание продукции

Product Overview

Partner settlement powered by Subex:

The telecom landscape is characterized by low profitability caused by shrinking average revenue per user (ARPU) and over-the-top (OTT) content. You need to protect and increase your margins through accurate billing and rating as well as manage revenue sharing and settlement across your partner ecosystem. Subex offers a holistic partner settlement solution that blends advanced data analytics with partner profiling for enhanced visibility into revenue across the wholesale business.

Key Benefits

  1. PS-1

    ROC® Partner Settlement offers a 360-degree view of interconnect agreements to help you better manage revenue and margins across your partner ecosystem. It enables you to focus on profit centers by providing robust coverage across revenue processes of order-to-cash and procurement-to-pay. The billing platform enables you to introduce innovative product bundling and billing mechanisms for IP-based services, thereby opening new business models for complex variable pricing, bandwidth trading and VoIP services.

  2. Protect revenue, grow margins

    Our solution leverages automation and data analytics to facilitate accurate billing and settlement as well as prudent accrual provisioning. It helps you manage cost and revenue agreements with domestic / international operators and content partners on an hourly basis.
    ROC® Partner Settlement incorporates several features to navigate business relationships with partners:

    • Partner lifecycle: Facilitates onboarding, enablement, collaboration, service and support
    • Billing and settlements: Manages interconnect, digital and content services
    • Roaming management: Enables settlements between partners for roaming services
    • Partner portal: Provides partner interface for business and self-service operations without
    unveiling the application
    • Number billing and routing: Manages interconnect billing and routing for origin-based routing
    (OBR) by tracking buy and sell destinations, dial code movements for terminating destinations
    and origin groups
    • Prepay management: Guides business relationships with new partners and mitigates business risk
    • Reconciliation: Verifies payables and receivables between partners
    • Dispute management: Minimizes disputes between partners related to payments and services
    • Multi-tenant environment: Supports mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), multi-BU
    • Buying, selling, routing: Optimizes transactions related to international calls