ROC Revenue Assurance 

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Product Overview

Revenue assurance powered by Subex:

Your telecom enterprise must transform into a digital services provider to attract subscribers with an assortment of digital offerings. You need to grow new revenue streams while delivering a consistently high quality of service during this journey of digital transformation. Subex offers a holistic revenue assurance solution that provides insights into your business / operations support systems (B/OSS) as well as customer experience, in real time.

Key Benefits

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    ROC™ Revenue Assurance offers a comprehensive view of your enterprise by providing better visibility into risks surrounding operations, revenue and margins. It incorporates an integrated risk assessment and process management framework to address revenue leakage as well as identify and recover lost revenue from diverse streams.

  2. Business intelligence for revenue management

    Subex provides holistic revenue assurance coverage in a traditional circuit-switched as well as next-generation packet-switched landscape, streamlines integration during a merger, and navigates a technology shift such as Internet of Things (IoT). Our solution meets the revenue assurance needs of mobile and fixed line communications service providers (CSPs), analog data networks, digital data service providers and triple / quad play enterprises. It drives revenue growth by extracting unbilled revenue, leveraging automation to identify revenue leakage, and safeguarding revenue streams from potential losses.

  3. S-RA 3

    ROC™ Revenue Assurance leverages native Hadoop architecture to mine real-time business insights from diverse data sources across the revenue value chain. The mobile-enabled solution facilitates timely and informed decision making on all aspects of revenue management.