ROC Route Optimization

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Product Overview

Route optimization powered by Subex:

Your telecom enterprise needs to be cognizant of fluctuating interconnection charges round the clock to prevent erosion of revenue. A dynamic pricing scenario demands an automated system that provides you with real-time information about call quality, rates, and network capacity. Subex offers a modular route optimization solution that analyzes existing data (tariffs of operators, quality of service) and generates forecasts (network capacity, tariffs) to help you make an informed choice of operators.

Key Benefits

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    ROC® Route Optimization covers end-to-end processes from dial code/destination operator rate imports to switch updates, giving you visibility and control of critical processes. Our solution supports a comprehensive list of reports and generates an optimized routing table while empowering you to make changes in the routing table across business functions. Automated routing management helps convert the routing table into a man-machine language (MML) script for manual or automatic implementation on the switch.

  2. Proactive and automated route optimization

    Our solution optimizes the routing table by using circuit details for incoming and outgoing suppliers. It ensures accurate route optimization based on network traffic and capacity forecasting business rules. The automated system optimizes network capacity to allow high-margin traffic while ensuring quality of service (QoS).

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    Significantly, ROC® Route Optimization manages network quality proactively by optimizing the network bandwidth. It alerts you about changes in interconnection rates in near real time to help you make timely decisions on partnering with the most suitable operators. Automated business rules-based processes reduce human intervention to ensure higher accuracy while automation of MML scripts enables deployment of fewer engineers to manage more switches.