Self-organizing network

Описание продукции

Product Overview

Intelligent, virtualized networks that lower operational costs, Cellwize elastic-SON robust, closed-loop solution works seamlessly across vendors, spectrum bands and wireless technologies
– with deployment on the cloud.

If RAN moves to Cloud so should SON.
SON on NFV/SDN eliminates the software and hardware dependencies as well as system scaling limitations by reducing operating expenses through automatic processes. Cellwize SON enables operators to achieve the ultimate benefits that come with a simpler, more flexible, scalable and adaptive infrastructure – resulting in faster time-to-market and rollout for new revenue-generating services.

Key Benefits

  1. Leverage the Potential

    Cellwize elastic-SON solution mitigates the risks that come with NFV/SDN and streamlines the deployment of SON for legacy hardware and new technologies. Our Centralized elastic-SON platform supports the rapid deployment of new network clusters, virtualized C-SON correlatively scales to support additional network clusters for supervision, monitoring and continuous self-optimization.

    Cellwize main components are already deployed as virtual machines and hardware independent. The software-only platform is compliant with standard virtualization environments, proven to operate without any noticeable degradation in system performance.
    elastic-SON takes advantage of the openstack computing technologies, which are already part of operator’s private cloud and is certified with VMware and KVM environments running Windows and Linus operating systems.

    Start rolling out SON on NFV today for your new network
    clusters and grow transparently!

  2. Unleash the Real Power of the Cloud with SON

    elastic-SON can be deployed and managed on private clouds. In fact we recently certified our platform on two major NFV infrastructures, HPs OpenNFV platform, Alcatel-Lucent’s CloudBand™ and IBM’s Cloud Manager™.
    Our solution can be managed and orchestrated as a CPASS application under NFV/SDN environments. We enable scaling up your network automatically to facilitate the quick deployment of multiple C-SON virtual machines in order to support a nation-wide deployment.
    Cellwize C-SON geographical load balancing feature enables horizontal scalability of our application and allows the operator to introduce new geographic network clusters into the rollout of new radio technologies.

  3. Virtualize your Network and Optimize the Efficiency

    C-SON in the Cloud is no longer a dream
    Cellwize Centralized SON (C-SON) solution is more than just a means to optimize capacity, quality and coverage – it is the first ever SON on NFV directly communicating with the cloud with multiple Element Management Systems (EMS) for a smooth and latency-free SON activity.

    Our multi-vendor, cross-technology C-SON solution already allows you to over-deliver today with your current assets and technology; now with the development of NFV our offering can easily expand allowing you to configure, manage, optimize and heal RATs from the Cloud quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.