TEMS Paragon

Planning tool and optimization of the network

Описание продукции

Product Overview

Become the model of network performance. TEMS Paragon is our premiere drive test system, optimized for mobile network benchmarking projects. You can use it to compare the performance of multiple networks, bands and technologies synchronously to discover how your network performs next to others.

Fully integrated with TEMS Director, it provides you with innovative scripting engine, remote device control capability, turn-by-turn navigation and innovative technologies to reduce your operational costs and improve the quality of your results.

Whether you are a mobile operator, a consulting firm, or a regulator, TEMS Paragon supports the latest commercially available devices and offers you the in-depth TEMS network testing capabilities you want in a ruggedized multi-device system.


Key Benefits

  1. Improve your subscriber QoE to gain a competitive edge

    TEMS Paragon combines in-depth testing capabilities, including application and network testing, along with synchronous testing over multiple networks, technologies or bands, enabling you to truly understand where and how to improve your subscriber experience.

  2. Gain network performance clarity

    Your subscribers’ loyalty depends on the quality of the service you deliver. With TEMS Paragon mobile network benchmarking, you can clearly establish a baseline of your network performance, as compared to your own objectives and to your competitors.

  3. Reduce your benchmarking projects costs

    TEMS Paragon mobile network benchmarking is a solution designed specifically to let you conduct comprehensive network test campaigns in less time, with just one person (the driver) in the vehicle, with minimal system interaction (via web-based UI) and user equipment (a tablet). The result is simple: a significant reduction in your network benchmarking costs.

  4. Integrate into a complete test platform

    With a complete test platform centered around TEMS Director, our global test management platform, you can implement a cohesive and efficient mobile network benchmarking strategy that combines TEMS Pocket for indoor testing and TEMS Paragon for outdoor testing.