Planning tool and optimization of the network

Описание продукции

Product Overview

VistaInsight is a unified multi-domain service assurance solution that supports your digital transformation by simplifying hybrid NFV network operations and supporting your enterprise SLAs. Through end-to-end service visualization and service modelling, VistaInsight aligns with the state of the network, normalizes multi-vendor KPIs, builds effective service policies, and enriches big data analytics. VistaInsight diagnoses and orchestrates network and service performance and reports it in a single pane of glass so that you can resolve your problems more efficiently. Based on a highly scalable, open and cloud-ready platform, VistaInsight hybrid network solutions offers you real-time and dynamic capabilities for your digital transformation needs.

Key Benefits

  1. Manage your on-demand enterprise SLAs

    Differentiate your services, enhance enterprise service quality, automate customer SLA reporting, and minimize SLA violations for your enterprise customers through proactive management and service performance visibility in multi-tenant carrier ethernet and SD-WAN networks. Facilitate monetization of the network as a service over carrier ethernet, IP/MPLS and SD-WAN networks. Optimize costs and improve margins through our native multi-tenant support.

  2. Assure Mobile Network Performance

    Achieve cross-domain end-to-end visibility of your RAN, C-RAN, Fronthaul, Backhaul, and core network performance in a single pane of glass, to reduce repair time and to increase operational efficiency in 3G/4G/5G mobile networks.

  3. Accelerate and Optimize Hybrid NFV network deployment

    Reduce the time from NFV onboarding (design and testing) to operations by managing your multi-vendor VNF performance, VNF capacity optimization and end-to-end service modelling through a single, real-time Service Assurance solution.

  4. Increase operational agility through real-time assurance

    Support your NFV service velocity through real-time acquisition, visualization and enrichment of network data, by using REST APIs, telemetry and data flow management to improve operational agility and efficiency.

  5. Unify OSS silos

    Optimize your opex and improve operational efficiency by consolidating network performance to expedite root cause analysis and remediation.

  6. Support zero-touch operations

    Maximize your operational efficiency through automated network discovery, data acquisition, ecosystem integration and automated recommendations to the orchestrator and the IT infrastructure.